Friday, 13 April 2012


Here it was today, at the main ground of our university, all in the spirit, all under the Shinning sun. The marching broke out the silence in the field, soldiers all in symmetry, row after row marching together towards the point where it all was going to start, the declaration of war was now tuned in every radio channel, all at halt, waiting for the first strike, waiting for the first caution to attack. the Jeeps engines roaring, hearts pounding, sweat dripping, eyes on nothing but the enemy across the border and then the moment of truth, the time had come when there will be barrels speaking out loud, smoke emerging from all directions, the first battalions charged towards each other, with all the rage all the anger, all the strength and courage, leaving all fear and assignments behind. YEAH 'assignments'. We were in the University and this was, as the title says "BATTLE OF THE LAST MINOR" an assignment. All was a war but all intended to be beautiful. Robert Capa, the known combat photographer documented the Vicious Beauty of war happened today. 

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Consensus: One of the most important characteristic of the Japanese is  willingness to achieve consensus by compromising. In a real sense nearly everyone has at least some voice in running the society. No matter what the group-from the smallest upstart enterprise to the largest multibillion dollar multinational- nothing gets done until people involved agree. The Japanese call this "Nemawashi"  meaning 'root building'.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Adventure, a passion one can kill for : L.E.D Snowboarding a short documentation by Jacob Sutton

I really love fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton’s his usual beautiful work, L.E.D. Surfer, a short film of a snowboarder at night in an L.E.D. lighted suit is also a marvel. The film was shot on his RED EPIC. RED camera technology is also something i really want to talk about but that would be disgrace to both, Jacob Sutton and The RED developers :p
coming back to the Sutton's amazing filming, the L.E.D Surfer was shot at temperatures down to -25C and pitch dark. An act of immense daring and courage to attempt that in such conditions salute to both, the surfer(William Hughes) and Jacob Sutton . . . click on the link in blue below to witness the awesomeness.

Bezaari: The Performer to Audience to Performer to Audience.

Hello people! This is a picture taken this past Friday. A performance i did on response to Faiz Ahmed Faiz's "Hum daikhainge".The composition is titled "BEZAARI" The composition and the lyrics were contributed by myself. Will be sharing the lyrics and the performance soon!!!
and the thanks to Ma'am Nadia Batool for taking the shot! :)

A little treat: A verse from the lyrics is written behind me in the picture.

The last one of the Third year at NCA.

The project i did in the final exam project of my 3rd year. the mediums were, water colors, gouache, Vasli, color pencils well the list goes on, let just conclude it by writing Mix media :p

The project: We had the liberty to do whatever we want to, the medium the topic, the execution all of it. I chose to make a comment on the consequences and turn offs of being a wannabee.

This particular part of the installation was a comment on the negligence of Urdu.

The sand was treated to filter the large particles of sand and turn to neat fine sand. I also added food colors to give this tint to the local grey sand.

The anchor was made by heating, hammering and bending the nails and later welding them together, the chain and the nails were intentionally treated through a week and a half or so to get the rust and corrosion.